PVC  or vinyl fencing is a very popular option to traditional wood fencing and other heavy duty metal fencing. The material is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and the combination with certain other elements present an excellent impact resistant fence that is also durable and does not weather as easily.

Vinyl fence has become the more popular alternative privacy solution to wood. Where as wood has a limited or often unknown life expectancy due to the nature of the product which in turn means there is NO Warranty on the product. PVC has a lifetime warranty in regards to bending, warping or fading. Customers should keep in mind that while most people assume PVC is maintenance free which it is to a degree. Customers will have to occasionally clean the fence to prevent moss or mold from building up.

The various colors can be mixed and matched as well. This helps to create a unique and beautiful fence to blend seamlessly with your home and yard. Cost of PVC varies based on style, color and height of the fence so we recommend using our online estimator to see what your fence installation may cost.

Should want to purchase the materials to install yourself we can help you with that as well. If you know the layout and footage our team can break down exactly what you would need to complete your project.

We offer PlyGem Fence and Railing products that should suit any of your needs. We manufacture all of our PVC fence and gates in our production warehouse.


PVC fencing is a cost-effective solution that will provide added security but maintain accessibility. PVC fencing is recommended for commercial or residential location.

  • Cost-effective fencing
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Safety and security
  • Low maintenance fencing
  • Keep closed areas secure but still accessible
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