Steel fencing is the strongest and most durable fencing available. While it is available for residential and light commercial applications it is more often used in high security applications. Aside from the obvious strength of steel fencing, steel fences are usually welded or riveted together. This opposes what is typical of other fencing assembly where parts are held together by movable components. This adds great stability to a fencing structure.

In contrast to an aluminum fence which could endure some minor damage where there are children playing or a casual accident, steel fencing can guard against a stronger impact. Steel fencing will sometimes require sanding or repainting to help deal with rusting that ultimately will try to reclaim the metal back to its natural state. This is why steel is not typically seen along coast lines where salt air can expedite the rusting process.

Ornamental steel or Iron fences are perfect for large warehouse facilities, utility sub stations and prisons. They offer a decorative and highly durable fence solution to our commercial customers.

A customer should keep these things in mind when considering a steel fence for their project. Feel free to ask our staff if steel is the best and most logical solution for your project.


Steel fencing is a higher-end fencing solution where there is a need for added security to a commercial or residential location. Steel fencing is not always recommended for a DIY project mostly due to the weight that steel fencing involves compared to other solutions.

  • Highly secure
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Requires some maintenance over time
  • Strong fencing material construction
  • Added protection and durability
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